Satis Spa was founded in 1970 by Enzo Mantellassi, President and CEO of the company.

Despite having established itself as a large company on an international basis, SATIS has never abandoned its origins as a typically artisan laboratory, of which it still retains all the secrets and experience today. All this goes hand in hand with the use of highly technological machinery that guarantees high levels of product quality over time. Satis is still managed by the Mantellassi family, made up of Enzo, Laura (Enzo's wife), Martina and Lorenzo (children).

SATIS products are made entirely in the Quarrata plant, whose surface amounts to more than 20,000 m2.

SATIS manages all semi-finished products and raw materials by purchasing them directly in the countries of origin and transforming them in its own factory (as in the case of wooden or polyurethane drums) or from carefully selected and controlled trusted specialized suppliers (in the case of leathers). This direct supervision allows us to offer customers products that are guaranteed in terms of quality and over time. All SATIS sofas are made by expert upholsterers, whose skilled hands are the result of a precious 'know-how' that SATIS keeps and passes on to its collaborators over time.

SATIS also stands out for its efficient and timely pre and post sales assistance. An attentive and trained staff is at the complete disposal of customers for any need, both technical and commercial.

The SATIS offer includes models in a contemporary, modern, classic, relaxation style, ready-made beds and beds. All these lines are characterized by the comfort and the possibility of customization that only SATIS can offer you.